What surfaces can I use my WildFire4in1 on?

We recommend sticking with fire proof table tops. Avoid wood and plastic tables unless using our Base Station to isolate the grill away from the table 


What charcoal type should I use?

We prefer a good quality lump charcoal for best results. Standard briquettes will work great but leave a super fine ash which can blind the screen when you refill during long cooking Runs.


What charcoal starter methods are recommended? 

We prefer using a charcoal chimney starter with all natural fire starters. Using our forced air method, getting the charcoal lit is quick and easy.


How much charcoal should I load before lighting?

We like to fill up a nice even bed of coals up to the rim of the charcoal basket and then pour lit coals from the chimney starter on top.


Can I use the fan while lighting charcoal with the chimney starter?

Absolutely ! sitting the charcoal chimney above the area of the fan exit, at the back of the grill, will lower startup times a lot.


How is the electric fan powered?

We supply a 12VDC 3Ah battery pack that will run the fan for 4-5 hours on a charge. A wall plug is also supplied to run the fan off of constant power from a wall receptacle.


Should I wear thermal safety gloves?

Yes, we recommend using thermal gloves to protect your hands while cooking and handling pans etc. around the 4–in-1.


How long does the charcoal screen basket last before needing a new one?

Unless the basket shows signs of damage such as tears or holes the screen material is still okay to use. 

How do I clean the charcoal screen basket?

The charcoal screen basket can be cleaned in the dishwasher, sink, or sprayed off with a water hose. You can use a wire brush to get off heavy buildup. 


Can I leave the Roam RIg installed while driving?

No, we do not offer a way to secure the Roam RIg or the WildFire grill to a vehicle. This has been done to insure customers do not operate a vehicle while the equipment is attached. 


Can I use my cast iron pans on the 4-in-1?

Absolutely! You can warm, cook, boil and broil with your cast irons in every creative way you can imagine.


Getting the 4-in-1 up temperature?

Takes about 20 minutes after you’ve dumped the chimney starter, closed the lid damper and fired up the blower fan. You’ll see smoke billowing from the Wild Zone and the air pushing through the coals ignites the coals really quickly. As you observe the smoke clearing in the Wildzone… you are seeing full combustion and high temperatures in the Wildzone. 

How do I pre-heat pizza stones for crusty pizza?

We recommend placing a pizza stone onto the grill in the Wildzone during startup and using a digital thermometer to track temperature.  When you measure 700F you’re ready to go! Between pizza’s you’ve got to let the stone heat up again or you’ll get a soggy crust.


Pizza Production Tips

Producing pizza after pizza after pizza continuously is really easy. Place a pizza stone below and place another on the Traditional Grill up top. Using tong’s and thermal gloves you’ll be able to rotate pizza stones up and down to keep the heat up. The digital thermometer is critical to keep quality crusts up, one after another.


Chicken Wings and Greasy Things

We recommend that you drain grease from the grease pan in the Wild Zone after each round of cooking to prevent grease fires. In the event of a grease fire, step back, close the lid and door and let it burn out. Do not attempt to remove or fight the fire with water - stay back and stay safe.


What do I use the Asado for?

We use the Asado for holding cast iron pans above the coals and cooking more tender proteins and cuts farther away from the charcoal bed. Don’t forget you have 3 different elevations to cook at, above the Traditional Grill. Imagine sausages on the Traditional Grill and veg above on the Asado grill, burgers finishing on the Asado while fresh burgers get charred below. Do know you can rotate the Asado out of the way in seconds.. Allowing you to hold and finish foods in a whole new way.

Another use for your Asado is for holding and prepping food, hanging utensils and oh for drinks!


Tailgates and Marathon Cooking Sessions Lasting Hours

The 4-in-1 can literally feed your Army, all day long! When you are recharging charcoal you’ll need to simply use your tong’s and place coals gently into the burning coal bed regularly. Don’t dump coals from the bag into the burning coal bed.…you’ll foul the screen and cool the bed so the Wildzone won’t work as well.

Be sure to remove and dispose of grease from the Wild Zone in between rounds of cooking down below…. It’s really important in preventing grease fires.